More About Me...

I grew up on a farm in northern South Dakota and always had a love for creating. My parents were both creative people; my father in carpentry, and my mother in sewing, and they never discouraged me from following my dream.

After graduating from college I taught art to grades 1 through 12 in a small school in northwest Iowa for three years. From there I worked for state government in Pierre, and finally found my way into the fast food business, where I worked for 26 years. Retirement was a very welcome reality two years ago, when I moved to Watertown to be closer to family.

At the present time I am reconnecting with my art, trying various media and different subject matter. Oil had always been my favorite medium, but I have since discovered watercolor, fiber, and polymer clays. I love using all these media, so am never bored with what I am doing.

I thank God every day for the gift of art He gave me, and when I paint or sculpt I try to reflect the beauty around me, whether it is in the landscape or in the eyes of a child.